Horse Show Birthday Party
How to have a kids Horse Show theme party

Get out your Breyer horses, show off your ribbons, it's off to the races with the best
ever horse show birthday party. Look to these party party pages for inspiration for your
horse show party including birthday cakes, snacks, food, games activities, decorations
and favor ideas for a model horse party.

Have a competitive horse crazy kid? A horse show party is a great way to educate your
guests about show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, reining, combined driving,
Dressage, barrel racing and more. You might even take the kids to a real horse show
competition or horse races.

Horsing around on eBay and Amazon:
Amazon is a great place to search for Horse show party supplies, like the "day at the
races" plates above.  You'll often find better prices than on eBay. It's really
the only place to shop for Kentucky Derby fun. What's more, Amazon sellers are
more professional and reliable (items must ship in two days).

You'll find eBay is a great place to search for your Horse show party for vintage
finds or items in bulk (like Horse show ribbons).

Here are some things to search:
  • Doll house Horse trophy (these make excellent favors)
  • Horse cookie cutters
  • Blue ribbons
  • Horse show ribbons (you'll find vintage and new selections)
  • Horse show stickers (Creative
  • Hands cool foam stickers) and embellishments for scrapbooks
  • Horse Mardis Gras beads

When you search eBay, be sure to get cash back for all your eBay purchases by
shopping through a special portal that helps you save money on eBay and earn a
lifetime of residual income.

Horse show game ideas
If your horse-crazy kid lives and breathes horses, then it's off to the races to decide
which kind of Horse Show birthday party to have next year:

  • A Kentucky Derby Party is a wacky way to show style with decorated derby
    hats, funny glasses and fuzzy boa gloves. Anything goes from elegant tea parties
    filled with southern hospitality to serious equestrian theme where guests place
    bets on a recorded show. So get out the crystal, linens and china and bouquets
    of red roses, Horse figurines, silver trophies and ribbons because it's off to the
    races. We're willing to bet you'll have fun with this unique birthday party idea.

  • A Breyer model horse show party is another fun way for your horse crazy kid to
    share her passion for collecting model horses.

Horse Show party decoration ideas

  • Horse shoes. Decorated horseshoes make festive balloon weights and nice
    favors. Spray paint horseshoes silver or gold, then add gems, glitter and glue For
    the finishing touch. This is a fun activity For your child before the party.

  • Horse show ribbons. Find Horse show ribbons on eBay and place a special one
    behind the chair of the birthday kid. They are approximately two feet long with a
    decorative rosette at the top. We found several vintage and new Horse show
    ribbons on eBay For $4.00- $10.00 in varying sizes.

Horse show favor ideas
  • Dollhouse horse ribbons and trophies make great favors. You'll find a tiny blue
    ribbon for just $1.00 and a horse trophy for $1.60 each. Look also on eBay. Here
    is a quality pewter dollhouse trophy, right, available on Amazon.

  • Search for horse scrapbook materials and buttons on eBay to accent your
    invitations and thank you cards. Search for terms such as: horse-shoe,
    horseshoe, horse shoe (yes, all three varieties will yield different results). You'll
    also find a variety of horse stickers for favors and invitations. Pictured right is a
    horse show board with removable stickers.

Activities for your Horse Show Party:

  • Have a horse show of your own. Decorate horse figurines and hold a mini
    competition with judging and prize ribbons and trophies. Klutz published My Very
    Own Horse Book that not only makes a great gift, but provides a horse and
    instructions for making a saddle, blanket and bridle. For the birthday girl, the
    Horse Show activity kit, available on Amazon, is ideal and can serve as decoration
    for the party.

  • Run for the roses. Create a horseshoe Garland of Roses for your horse show party
    by cutting a large horse shoe shape (12"-16") and affixing red roses from a craft
    store (or creating rosettes from confetti paper). For inspiration or to buy one
    ready made, visit

  • Hold a horse race (computer or model horse). Train own, breed, bet, ride and race
    in a simulated horse racing computer game. Download the demo for free from
    Starters Orders 3. Here's how to hold a model horse race,
    shows you the way.

  • Set your DVD to a pre-recorded horse race and have guests place "bets" with
    Monopoly money and award prizes. Alternatively, have guests pick their horses
    from a derby hat (horses featured in the recording) and award the winning jockey.

  • Make room for a groom. Horse owners know that grooming helps bond with a
    Horse. Show horses must often have fancy manes For competition. So use this
    idea For your pony party and have the girls groom each other with braids,
    ribbons, clips and bows. Award prizes For the winning mane and designer.

Get "board" with these Horse Show Board Game Ideas:

  • Herd your Horses is a game that allows you to experience life from the horse's or
    the rancher's point of view. Players learn to appreciate more than 50 horses.
    Each fully illustrated in color on jumbo playing cards.

  • Horse Show the board game is a game for 8 and up, Horse Show game by
    Gamewright, circa 1997.  The object is to work your way up in class and ride for a
    Blue Ribbon. The game includes rules for younger players as well.

  • Horse-opoly is a great game for kids based on the game of monopoly. Players
    choose a bail of hay, saddle, horseshoe, horse trailer, bag of oats, or a boot as
    they buy barns and trade them in for stables while trying to become the richest

  • Monopoly horse lovers edition by Hasbro lets you wheel and deal your favorite
    horse breeds. Traditional houses and hotels are renamed Stalls and Stables. A
    carrot card enables you to canter on and collect $200; while an apple card means
    your horse refuses to load into the trailer, so you go directly to jail. Custom
    pewter tokens include a horse, a horse shoe, apple, riding boot, saddle and
    horse trailer.

  • Melissa and Doug horse stamp kit come with

  • Watch a pony movie for a slumber party:
  • Black Beauty
  • Horseland (any movie)
  • International Velvet
  • My Little Pony (any movie)
  • My Friend Flicka
  • National Velvet
  • Saddle Club (any movie, but Horse Crazy is a good start)
  • Seabiscuit
  • Spirit
  • The Black Stallion
  • The Long Shot
  • The Silver Brumby
  • The Painted Stallion

You'll find all these selections and more in our
horse-theme movie store.

Resources for a Model Horse Party

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