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My Little Pony Birthday Parties
Birthday cakes, menu, favors and ideas

Your My Little Pony party will be a nostalgic treat for adults and will create new
memories for your own little
Pinkie Pie. Here's how to find the happiest my little pony
party supplies and have the best pony party in Ponyville:

  • For starters, sign up for the Hasbro My Little Pony birthday club to get special
    offers, birthday reminders, party planning tips, and even an e-mail greeting for
    the birthday kid from Ponyville.

  • Be easy on yourself for the birthday cake and serve cupcakes instead. Use
    Wilton Color Mist food sprays, then top with My Little Pony Party favor rings.
    Another super easy idea is the personalized My Little Pony Party edible cake
    images we found on eBay. Just lay the edible image onto a sheet cake and
    you're done. For as low as $1.50 on Amazon, you'll find the My Little Pony
    Kaleidoscope Cake topper by Decopac, pictured top right. (You'll need to create
    the rainbow effect.)

  • A pull-string pinata filled with Betty Crocker's My Little Pony Party gummy candy
    is a must. See our pony party snack recipes For ideas on how to use this tasty
    treat in a colorful snack mix, too. They would be an easy cupcake topper as well.
  • While you may have thought about serving Minty chip ice cream with cake at the
    party, you'll want to make a Rainbow Dash to the store to add some Wilton
    Rainbow Non-pareils (candy confetti sprinkles). Alternatively, consider our Pinkie
    Pie recipe.

  • If pizza is on the menu of your My Little Pony Party, then be sure to have plenty
    of cucumbers on hand (because it's Minty's favorite topping). Whatever's on the
    menu, there are several My Little Pony plates to choose and you can mix and
    match if you are serving both lunch and dessert.

  • Decorating your My Little Pony Party is easy and colorful. Choose rainbows,
    anything pink or Minty green and lots of stars, hearts, glitter and sparkles. Find
    an old toy or a cheap castle figure that you can spray paint Minty green, as a
    symbol of her favorite prank. Then award a small prize to the first guest to
    notice your Minty masterpiece. Or create an "eye spy" game where party goers
    bring you the symbols of characters you've used to decorate the room, such as
    a rainbow balloon, a Wysteria stem or some other symbol of

    If your party is at home, then sprinkle the path to your doorway with confetti
    and glitter. Choose stars, butterflies and heart confetti if you can't find the My
    Little Pony confetti available in our My Little Pony Party store. Also if your party is
    at home, set your DVD to continual play of any My Little Pony Party movie (and
    turn the sound off).

  • Decorate your guests with My Little Pony tattoos, stickers or rubber stamps.

  • Design and print a My Little Pony Party birthday tiara as an activity For party
    goers or to get your little Rarity excited For her party. Need some other games
    and activities? Help kids pick nouns, adjectives and verbs to fill in the blanks
    with My Little Pony Mad Libs Junior (paperback) by Roger Price and Leonard
    Stern. Award winners with a Pinkie Pie ribbon, or create one yourself using a
    round sticker of your favorite character. Have

  • In the event of mishaps at the party, be sure to have some My Little Pony
    bandages by Curad on hand to ensure a happy ending.

More ideas for your My Little Pony Party

  • Let them eat Pie! If birthday cake isn't what your little Pinkie Pie wants, serve
    a pink-pie made from Cool Whip.
    Recipe For a Pinkie Pie:

  1. Dissolve a package of raspberry or strawberry flavored gelatin mix in a half cup
    hot water, then refrigerate For a half hour.
  2. Meanwhile, mix the following in a large bowl with an electric mixer until fluffy:
  • two tablespoons granulated sugar
  • a small package of softened cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 container Cool Whip
  1. Scoop the fluffy mixture gently into a ready-made graham cracker crust, or the
    Keebler ready-made Oreo pie crust.
  2. Garnish with Rainbow Non Pariels or Pink Edible Glitter.

Make your own cookie crust For Pinkie Pie:
  1. Start with 25-30 sandwich cookies. Crush the entire cookie in a food processor,
    or put them into a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. The cream filling
    blends into the crust.
  2. For a healthier option, look For sandwich cookies made without hydrogenated
    oils. Newman's Own is a good option as are the Organics brand sandwich
    cookies from Safeway, or Joe-Joes from Trader Joes.
  3. Combine crushed cookies with 1/2 cup melted butter.
  4. Press mixture into a pie pan and refrigerate until hardened (about an hour).

More Creative Ideas For your My-Little-Pony Party

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