Princess Pony Party
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Yes, you can have a princess pony party without inviting Disney. It's not that there's
anything wrong with the Disney princesses, but you can have a classic princess party
if you think in terms of  knights, castles, frogs, fairy Godmothers, and horses, of
course. Here's how to have a classic princess pony party that your little Cinderella is
sure to approve:

  • Hold a medieval princess pony party. The royal blue princess and pony party
    plates, right, are a charming breathe of fresh air from a Disney princess party.
    It's available at Oriental Trading. (See bottom of this page.) Accent with white
    horse figurines, knights, and green frog favors.

  • Knights, camera, action! Princesses and knights alike must rely on a sturdy
    steed now and again to fight dragons and ride off into the sunset, so make
    knights and horses part of your princess party theme.
  • Make a party plan for the little knights too.
  • Medieval horse cake: The Wilton, "Oh What a Knight!" cake, top right, is
    perfect way to include the boys. It's cake that the girls can appreciate.
    The cake and Knights and Princess Pony theme is a good solution for a
    party for twins or multiples of mixed genders, too.

  • Make it a sign of the times. Enhance your princess theme party by creating signs
    to direct "Knights" and "Princesses" to the appropriate bathroom "throne."
    Create other signs too such as: "Royal Stables" (garage) or "Dungeon"

  • Toy around with your toy chest. It's likely loaded with inspiration, so get out the
    castles, and princess dolls, carriages, tiaras, magic wands and fairy wings. For
    gift giving, make the birthday present something that can double as decoration.
    What little princess wouldn't fall in love with her own white stallion like the
    Stork Craft Rocking Horse, pictured right, available on Amazon? And when it
    comes to the party, expand your theme to include toy carriages, like the one
    Cinderella had. See our Princess Carriage Pony party for more ideas.

  • Make your little "cupcake" feel like a princess: To give cupcakes an ethereal look
    for a princess party, tear some blue cotton candy to make a dreamy cloud
    accent on a creamy pink frosting. Accent with Wilton cupcake cups and a
    cupcake stand. It's a look that's sure to send the kids to fairyland.
  • More cupcake ideas...

  • Learn how to become a princess. The life of a princess is not easy. Get your free
    guide complete with princess name tags for your party, a free template for a
    tiara to decorate, and more by downloading a free PDF by Houghton Mifflon,
    How to Be a Princess in Seven Days or Less.

  • Fill candies into a "glass slipper" favors to decorate the tables. You'll find this
    sweet fillable plastic Cinderella slipper at Rosemary Company along with a
    larger Cinderella Slipper Centerpiece. Use a large slipper as a centerpiece or
    decoration for a princess party. Just sew a blue pillow with fancy trim and place
    on top. Also try eBay or Amazon. And since every girl needs to kiss a few frogs,
    you'll want to stock up on the Haribo Gummy Frogs for treats. Use them to stuff
    the slippers, decorate the tables, and make princess ice cubes. See fun with

  • Make a Royal Concoction:
  1. Start with a sparkling drink.
  2. Give her the royal treatment with sugar rims, the kind used for adult
    drinks. Just squeeze a wedge of lime around the sides and then dip in
    sugar and serve up pink lemonade.
  3. Find princess goblet as an ice cream sundae cup.
  4. Use plenty of whipped cream and pink and purple candy sprinkles.

  • Give her a princess sash. Make the birthday girl feel special with a ribbon or
    sash, like kind presented to the winner's circle at a horse show: winningribbons.
    com. And make Dad king for a day with a crown.
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