How to Have Cowboy Birthday Party
Cowboy Party  cakes, menu, activities, favors and more

Cowboy up! Get out your Wild West action figures and let your imagination roll like
tumbleweed. Party partner, the little buckaroos are going to love the Cowboy Party
(or cowgirl party) you create with these decoration ideas to accent your theme:

  • Host a cowboys & indians party

  • Cowboy invitations: Brand your party invitations and thank you cards with the
    Wyoming cowboy stamp. The adorable Cowboy invitations, right, are from
    Dolce Mia and are available on Amazon. Or create your own cowboy invitations
    using our cowboy party wording ideas.

  • Cowboy favors: Cowboy and Indian party favors are not so easy to come by,
    unless you search online, right. These cowboy favors have so many uses: top
    them on cupcakes, put them on a cowboy cake or add them to the favor bags
    or pinata. Look also for Cowboy party favors with horses. Looking for more
    cowboy and Indian party favors? Search our big list of kids parties for a
    Cowboy and Indians theme party filled with "Cowboy and Indian favor" ideas.

  • Cowboy hats: Give that cowboy a party hat! We have lots of straw cowboy hats
    or felt ones just for kids, as well as funny cowboy hat ideas.

  • Cowboy cakes: Make a cowboy cake display: get out your Lincoln Logs and
    make a centerpiece by including a log fence and fort around the birthday cake
    or cupcakes. Add to the effect by adding a covered wagon or Wild West action
    figures. See our other cowboy cake ideas.

  • Create a fake cowboy campfire: Every cowboy or Indian brave settles in for a
    cozy fire, but with little ones around you don't need to have the real deal. You
    can build a stick "fire" by cutting construction paper into orange red and yellow
    flames (orange and yellow cellophane also works well). Just build a fire boy
    scout style and glue your "flames" strategically. If you're lucky enough to find
    two "y" shaped sticks, you can drive them into the ground and insert a cross
    stick and hang a pretend "bucket of stew" using a galvanized bucket.

  • Get creative with cardboard. It's pretty easy to take two cardboard boxes to
    create saloon doors for the party entrance. You can also create a cactus from
    large cardboard box, paint it green and use red pompoms for the cactus
    flowers, then plant it into a clay pot. Try making a Western town from bunch of
    appliance cardboard boxes, too. Paint them to look like a Mercantile, a bank, a
    jail, a saloon, livery stable and a hotel, then tape them together. Go to your
    local Sears or moving and storage house for the appliance boxes.

  • Cowboy favor bags. The little outlaws will love the cowboy favor bags you create
    by sewing burlap sack (also known as Hessian cloth) and tying with Jute (string
    that looks like straw). Decorate the bag by affixing a sheriff's badge or by
    taking a marker and drawing a "$" symbol on the outside. Stuff it with a jaw
    harp or harmonica. Do yourself a favor and visit Piece of Cake Party they've
    done the work for you. (Pictured, right.)

Wild West Table Decorations Ideas
The vittles will look mighty tasty when you drape some Hessian cloth (a burlap sack
material) for the tablecloths. You can buy this for as low as $1.99 a yard at the
fabric store. Start by loosely draping Hessian cloth over the tables. For best effect,
crinkle the cloth. Next, get some tin plates or the enamel kind found at a camping
store for the table setting. Stack gold nugget coins with a small cowboy figure
standing guard at each setting. You may find a plastic play set complete with a
wagon, Tee pees, canoes, totem poles for and action figures for a good old fashioned
"cowboys and Indians" theme. While you can use them to decorate the birthday
cake, they look festive on the tables as well. Be sure to include some
Gold Mine gum for the older kids who chew gum.

  • Decorate the burgers! If a barbecue is on the menu of your cowboy party,
    search Amazon for barbecue branding irons. These fun irons give burgers and
    steaks a personalized touch.

  • Lasso up some licorice ropes: Make a display of cowboy action figures and of
    Horse figurines tied with licorice lead ropes. The licorice looks like a Cowboy's
    lariat. Gustaf's black licorice laces are a great choice (about $18.46 for a 1 lbs
    bag or $7.99 for rainbow laces) on Amazon.

  • More cowboy menu suggestions:
  • Visit our site for more cowboy food ideas.

Cowboy Games
The little cowpunchers at your Pony Party need some activities, and you can
steer the fun with these Cowboy Party ideas:

  • Cowboy shootout. Have a silly string shootout or a water gun fight. Just make
    sure the little outlaws have a change of clothes. More ways to have a cowboy
    shootout as an activity: shoot tin cans with water pistols. For a more appealing
    look, spray-paint the cans silver, alternatively pink for a pink cowgirl party.

  • Rattlesnake Egg Hunt. Dig up your Easter eggs and stuff them for a hunt.
    Gather up the posse and advise the little ranch hands that there is a severe
    rattlesnake problem and you need their help to rid the homestead of snakes.

  • Play pass the rattlesnake. This game plays like "hot potato" but the little
    outlaws and cowpokes pass a Rubber snake and get bitten whenmusic stops.
    Choose country music of course. Download iTune, but register first to get cash
    back on eBay.

  • Three-legged Horse race. Divide guests into pairs. Tie a bandanna to the inside
    leg and start the race with a cowbell. For older kids you can blindfold one and
    have the other hold a sugar cube on a spoon. Or just have Western style fun
    with a burlap sack race.

  • Toss horse shoes. Horse around with the idea of good old fashioned fun of a
    horse shoe toss. You can often find some safe plastic Horse shoe sets at the
    sporting good store, toy store or dollar store. And don't forget Bobbing for
    Apples as we all know horses love this treat.

  • Lasso up a rocking Horse. Tie a rope to a Hula Hoop. Alternatively, find a smaller
    hoop and lasso a large plush Horse.

  • Have a Round Up: Use the birthday child's own Horse toys and "brand" them
    with numbers and assign corresponding prizes. Tell the little cowpokes hat
    some ponies have escaped from the corral and you need their help in the
    round up. Watch the fun unfold as kids stampede for horses and exchange
    them for prizes corresponding to the brands.

  • Pan for gold cowboy style. Panning for gold is a fun and easy sandbox activity.
    Just bury plastic gold coins or pennies and have kids sift through the sand with
    pie pans that you punch to filter the sand. For shiny pennies, clean up them up
    in a solution. Just 1/2 cup salt and 4 tablespoons vinegar does the trick. Award
    Gold Miners gum to a lucky penny.

Cowboy party favor ideas:

  • Cowboy Pinata Ideas: The ten gallon cowboy hat pinata, right, is ideal for a
    cowboy party. Find assorted sweet creams in a bandanna motif wrapping on
    eBay, or cowboy candies (tiny pastel colored tarts) at Oriental Trading. Affix
    numbers to plastic horses and award cowboy prizes such as harmonica, a jaw
    harp, Rubber snakes, or water guns or cap guns toys.

  • More cowboy favor ideas: Round up some old fashioned sweets for at a novelty
    candy store or on eBay. Try peppermint sticks, rock candy, nostalgic bubble
    gum gold nuggets, licorice ropes and wheels, chocolate coins. Gold nugget gum
    looked great in these favors with handcuffs and a sheriff badge in a mug.

Cowboy Party Activities

  • Cowboy down by reading a cowboy story: To calm your little broncos after
    sugaring up with cake, read a story before opening  presents. Bronco Busters
    by Alison Cragin Herzig copyright 1998 is a good one for a cowboy Party.
    Another good one for the girls is any book from the Cowboy Kate series by
    Betsy Lewin.

  • Cowboy mustache. As a party favor, a cowboy mustache is fun, but you can
    make a cowboy mustache inexpensively using an eyebrow pencil to decorate
    party goers. Use ready made branding tattoos or rubber horse stamps. And
    create Indian braves using colorful face paints. See also Moustache Parties for
    wax mustache wax candies an more.

  • Round up the toilet paper rolls. An ideal cowboy activity is to make a cowboy or
    cowgirl from a roll of toilet paper:
  • For the girls choose the cowgirl craft, which has an easy to use template.
  • For the boys choose the cowboy craft.
  • Finally, any horse crazy kid will have fun with the Horse craft.

Play online cowboy games or other Horse games. Or just set your DVD to a continual
play of a rodeo video. The boys may especially appreciate the thrills of a bucking bull
rider or Rodeo bloopers.

  • Make a cowboy vest from a paper bag. Here's how to make a cowboy vest from a
    paper bag:
  • Open up a large brown paper bag.
  • Put it upside-down like you're dumping the contents.
  • Cut a hole at the top with room for the head. (Remember the bag is
  • Cut holes on each side with room for the arms.
  • Cut the front to open the vest.
  • Taper the neckline into a V shape.
  • Cut fringe at the bottom of the upturned bag.

Real Cowboy parties for kids...
Gather the kids around the campfire for tall tales of the wild West and bronco
busting. Get out a guitar and sing Country & Western Cowboy songs. Get more ideas
with these real cowboy parties to help you plan your party:

  • Howdy party cowboy party: Saddle up for an unusual  cowboy party in white.
    The hostess spray painted horses she found at the Dollar Tree stores and
    used white in her decor along with other colors to give an ethereal look to an
    otherwise very brown cowboy party intended for a girl. The hostess, an ETSY
    shop owner, used her own party ware, called the cowboy cool collection.

We hope we've inspired you to host your own cowboy party. Please share party ideas with
us on twitter, left. We link to quality blogs.
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