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All about a seahorse blue menu...
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Blue Party Foods
Candy and snack foods to fit any blue theme party

Bright blue is a happy beginning to a seahorse party. Party planners looking for blue
party foods that fit an blue party theme will appreciate this quick list of brightly blue
snacks, and menu suggestions,  plus ideas on how to make blue ice cream, blue
popcorn, blue cupcakes and more...

Blue Popcorn recipe and ideas:
There are lots of ways to make blue popcorn to serve at your party. Consider these
easy ideas:

  • How to make Raspberry popcorn with blue popcorn glaze: The recipe for blue
    popcorn is easy when you have blue popcorn glaze, left, and a popcorn popper.
    Put  oil in the popperand as soon as it liquefies, you'll add the popcorn and
    Glaze Pop. It's that easy!

  • How to make Blue Popcorn: Start with your favorite popped corn. Kettle corn is a
    wonderful option as it is both sweet and savory and ideal for kids parties. Spray
    1/4 of the popcorn with Wilton's Color Mist spray, left.

  • How to make blue popcorn balls: Use your favorite popcorn ball recipe or try
    melting marshmallows. A dash of blue food coloring is all it takes. Swirl the food
    coloring into the marshmallow mixture or the corn syrup mixture.

  • How to make sweet popcorn that's blue: Start with Blue Raspberry Glaze Pop
    Popcorn Flavoring, right.  Use this yummy raspberry frosted corn in your popcorn
    popper. Start with corn and popping oil. Instead of salt, use a measure of Glaze
    Pop equal to half the quantity of popcorn. Put the oil in the popper first and as
    soon as it liquefies add the popcorn and Glaze Pop and stir until the popping
    slows down. Then allow to cool before eating.

Blue candies
Candy buffets are all the rage at kids parties. Above you'll find a bevvy of delectable
sweets in blue for your candy buffet! Candies will look appetizing for your party when
you display them in clear apothecary jars. Give them a blue tooth with these sweet
blue treats:
  • Blue gummy bears and gummy candies: Blue gummies come in the shapes of blue
    rapsberries, blue gummy bears, blue raspberry rings, and slices that look like
    blue citrus.
  • Blue chocolates: Chocolate lentils, chocolate covered almonds, malt balls, and
    candy coated chocolates are available in a variety of beautiful blue shades.
  • More blue candies:
  • Blue raspberry laces
  • Blue raspberry fruit slices, pictured top left.
  • Blue M&Ms
  • Blue sixlets chocolates, pictured above left
  • Blue jelly beans. (Buy Jelly Bellies in bulk, pictured above in Blueberry and Berry
  • Blue Raspberry taffy
  • Blue swirl lollipops, pictured immediate left
  • Wilton's blue candy melt wafers will coat your cake pops and help you make
    brightly colored chocolates.

Blue Cakes and Cake Decorations
  • Blue velvet cake or cupcakes: Bake blue velvet cake or cupcakes by adding blue
    raspberry gelatin to a vanilla cake batter.
  • Blue Jimmies, pictured upper right, are candy confetti sprinkles for cakes,
    cupcakes, cookies and ice cream toppings.

Blue drinks
Here are some sweet blue beverages for the perfect party drink:
  • Jones soda has an awesome bubblegum blue
  • Blue Gatorade flavors include:
  • Torani syrup in blue raspberry is very blue indeed and makes a refreshing
    shaved ice treat. Pour it over lemon lime soda for a soda the kids have likely
    never tasted before.

Blue cotton candy

More blue party food:
Start the birthday kid out right by placing one drop of blue food coloring into the bowl
then fill with cheerios. When your child is seated, pour the milk and watch the cereal
turn blue!

  • A blue birthday cake. Mix just a few drops of blue food coloring with your white
    cake mix or angel food recipe, but frost with simple white icing with blue
    decorating gels for the lettering and cake design. For something more
    unexpected, try the Wilton cake checkerboard pans with half white cake and half
    blue cake.

  • Shimmy the Jimmies. Blueberries are an obvious choice of food for your party,
    but you can kick things up a notch with blue whipped cream sprinkled with blue
    jimmies. Add just a hint of blue to your whipped topping, so as not to overwhelm
    your guests.

  • Blue cookies. The cookie monster is blue, and your cookies should be too. Try our
    Easy Big Batch Sugar Cookie recipe and use India Tree sugar crystals. Try adding
    blue drops of food coloring to the easy and delicious recipe for royal icing made
    of meringue powder. Left, you'll also find Blue cookie icing.

  • Melt-away with Wilton candy melts. It's much easier than melting white chocolate
    and adding food coloring, and you'll likely have a prettier color baby blue.

  • Make seaside lemonade. Fill ice cube trays with water, then add a drop of food
    coloring to each. As the blue ice melts into yellow lemonade, you'll have a
    wonderful sea green.

  • Blue bagel and cream cheese. Make blue bagels by adding a few drops of blue
    food coloring to your home made bagel recipe. Keep the cream cheese white, so
    that it's not too overwhelming. Don't have time to make bagels? Then do the
    reverse: color the cream cheese.

  • Blue deviled eggs. Start with your favorite deviled eggs recipe. Before scooping
    the mixture back into the white egg halves, soak them in water mixed with a few
    drops of food coloring to get the desired color. Allow drying time on paper
    towels, then fill and serve. Blue looks terrific with the yellow centers.

Blue candies and sweet treats:
Make a centerpiece of clustered bowls of blue candies of different textures. We
  • Air Heads Blue Raspberry
  • blue and white gummies
  • blue gum balls
  • blue cotton candy
  • Berry Blue Jelly Bellies
  • blue honey sticks
  • Hubba Bubba Blue Raspberry Gummi Tape
  • Rock Candy, Blue Raspberry Swizzle Sticks
  • Sour Blue Raspberry bars
  • Tootsie Rolls Frooties Blue Raspberry Candy

Blue drinks
  • Blue and green Italian syrups.
  • Blue Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Watermelon drink rimmers.
  • Kool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Other blue snack ideas
  • Boo-berry cereal
  • Blue Corn tortilla chips. (Try Blue Chips by Garden of Eatin'), pictured right.

Blue Cake and cupcake ideas

  • Serve your blue birthday cake with bubblegum ice-cream, which is usually blue!

  • Tear a piece of blue cotton candy as the blue cupcake topper. Buy blue cotton
    candy by the tub.

  • How to make blue ice cream: soften vanilla ice cream by letting it sit out to stand
    a few minutes. Blend in blue powdered food coloring (not liquid). Then return to
    the freezer to harden. Blue ice cream will look terrific for a pirate party or
    nautical theme as it will look like the ocean.

Tell us about your blue party foods and share party ideas with us on Twitter. We'd love to
pass along your ideas to others and give you the credit.
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